A Focus on Individual Growth

Our Middle School (5-8th grade) is alive with endless creativity and enthusiasm for learning. Middle school is a key period of individual growth and identity development. Students in grades 5 through 8 are beginning to discover their talents, interests, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. They are in the process of forming values and making choices that will define them as they mature into young adults.

Middle school teachers challenge and support every learner. They love teaching and have a passion for practicing their art as educators. Our teachers are committed to promoting 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. We are piloting a program that promotes deeper connections and skill development through Project Based Learning in grade seven.

Our schedule is geared to combine a rigorous academic program with a complementary offering of courses we believe are necessary for the growth and development of students. Coupled with the core subjects like English, Math, Science, History, and World Language we expect students to take weekly courses in Religion, Drama, Music, Art, Technology, as well as Health and Personal Development.

There is something for everyone here at MJS. Students in middle school have many opportunities to participate in performing and visual arts with their classmates. We are proud of our Arts-focused elective program! We offer Concert and Chamber Choir, Robotics team, and Academic Decathlon as alternative enriching activities for our students. In addition, every grade level learns about society through our many and varied service learning projects. Students are able to participate to their comfort level in our PE/Athletics program.

Couple all that with the strong sense of community that Mayfield is known for and you have well balanced children yearning to show what they can do as they enter the adult world.

The middle school develops confident, articulate, and compassionate students who are well prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond. We are proud of the warm, caring, and spiritual learning community we have established. Please come visit our beautiful campus and experience it for yourself.

Joy is everywhere here at Mayfield Junior School.